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Parasite eggs can be found in water, they infect crustaceans, since crustaceans are the main food of Topamax pills. In rare cases, the larvae get to crabs, lobsters and squids. But these are only intermediate hosts; finally, the larva begins to develop in the body of birds and marine mammals. Life cycle of anisakids.

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The main host of the parasite are walruses, seals, whales and dolphins. Here they breed, fertilized eggs appear, which fall into the water and infect the intermediate hosts. Anisakid eggs are passed out with the feces of Topiramate mammals. After the egg enters the water, it becomes a larva. It needs a little time to develop inside and out of the protective shell.

After being released, she swims in the water on her own in search of crustaceans. Free-swimming larvae easily infect small crustaceans. Here they develop to the next stage, since then they must be swallowed up by fish or squid. Inside the squid or fish, the larvae first penetrate into the intestines, and then exit into the abdominal cavity.

Here they grow up to several centimeters in length.

Now they must be swallowed up by marine mammals. After entering the body of a mammal, the larvae grow into an adult sexually mature individual, which is ready for fertilization and the birth of a new generation of parasites. Adult females produce a huge number of Topamax that fall into the water with feces and again go through the entire development cycle. How does a person become infected?

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Human infection occurs exclusively through the use of infected fish that has not undergone heat treatment. Usually these are fish such as halibut, tuna, sardines, cod, etc. Immediately after eating the fish, the parasite penetrates the intestinal mucosa.

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At this point, the symptoms of the disease begin to appear.

If earlier it was believed that the parasite is not so dangerous for humans, then this turned out to be an erroneous diagnosis, today it is safe to say that anisakiasis is dangerous Topamax for humans. True, the parasites themselves cannot develop into adult worms, dying as larvae.

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Immediately after consumption, the parasites enter the intestines, they only need a couple of hours. If a person has very good immunity, then the larva can linger and infiltrate the intestinal mucosa in 10-14 days. Inflammation appears at the site of fixation, sections of Topiramate swell, and small hemorrhages occur.

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If you do not take any action, do not pay attention to the symptoms indicating the disease, intestinal necrosis develops or the development of tumors. Often a patient with anisakiasis suffers from bowel obstruction. Anisakid larvae live in the intestines for about three months, they cannot reproduce and grow, but as a result, the patient has a lot of problems from them:

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